Hot Tamale Performs for a ZOOM Virtual Sing for the Springs – Friends of Wakulla Springs 09-17-20

Click here or on the image below to download printable PDF 2 page worksheet

Wakulla Springs State Park
Virtual Visits

This page is your link to virtual activities at Wakulla Springs State Park. With time, we hope to expand our options.  In the meantime, you may wish to encourage younger members of your family to become Virtual Jr. Rangers.  To get started just click on this link:


We hope you will embark on our virtual walk along the Sally Ward Trail at Wakulla Springs State Park. All the tools you need to enjoy your excursion and conduct a scavenger hunt along the trail are right here.  Please download and print the document entitled Sally Ward Trail Walk.  Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with items you might see on your virtual walk. (You can find 22 of the 24 items pictured).  Then, click the link to the Youtube video (  and off you go!

You can pause the video to get a closer look at something.  You can back up to find something you missed.  You can time yourself to see how quickly you can get your first ‘Bingo’.  

Best of all, you can bring the Sally Ward Trail Walk sheet with you when you visit the park.  All the items can be found without leaving the trail.

We hope you enjoy your time on the Sally Ward Trail at Wakulla Springs State Park.

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