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“Wakulla Springs” is a poem written and read by Poet Michael Rothenberg and recorded with Jon Pazder, a musician and sound engineer in Tallahassee.  Michael is a resident of Tallahassee and FSU Library's Poet in Residence. Most of his personal archives are in Special Collections at FSU’s Strozier Library. His writings over the years emphasize nature and ecology. He grew up in Florida and Wakulla Springs has always been a magic place for him. Like many other local residents, he looks forward to bringing guests to Wakulla.  Michael was kind enough to make this recording available for all of us to see the river through his eyes.

Edward Ball Wakulla Springs is pleased to announce the return of River Boat Jungle Cruises!
Please make your advanced reservation at https://thelodgeatwakullasprings.com/plan-your-trip/jungle-cruise/ .

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We look forward to your visit and want to be sure that you have a great time. We encourage you to plan your visit and make reservations. If you would like to take a boat tour, please secure your tickets online at https://thelodgeatwakullasprings.com/plan-your-trip/jungle-cruise/. You’ll be sure to work up an appetite, so make reservations to enjoy a meal as well. Dining reservations can be made online at https://www.opentable.com/r/the-edward-ball-dining-room-at-wakulla-springs-crawfordville. All reservations can also be made by calling the Lodge at 850-421-2000.
At any time of year, the park has something new to see or enjoy. Whether it is a new menu item at the Lodge restaurant, a new flavor of ice cream in the parlor, a flower in bloom or a flash of color fluttering by, you are sure to find something to make your visit memorable and unique.

The Friends of Wakulla Springs, Inc. is the official Citizen Support Organization (CSO), a private, non-profit partner supporting educational, interpretive, and historical and scientific research responsibilities of Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park. Friends of Wakulla Springs (FOWS) State Park is an organization of volunteers committed to the preservation of the park with the largest and deepest freshwater spring in the world for the enjoyment of park visitors for generations to come.

As the largest and deepest freshwater spring in the world, Wakulla Springs is a natural and cultural landmark, so there is a great need for its preservation as a Florida State Park. The park has numerous springs that contribute to the Wakulla River run, hence its name "Wakulla Springs."

Profits are returned to the park to support park programs, increase public understanding of park activities, and support the park's long-term preservation and care.

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Located 30 miles south of Tallahassee, Florida, Wakulla Springs State Park offers outdoor activities, environmental splendor, world-class lodging, and is open 365 days per year.




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Mysterious Waters

Mystery surrounds the early history of Wakulla Springs. The word “Wakulla” may be a modern spelling of ancient Native American origin meaning “river of the crying bird” or “mystery.” Spanish explorers interpreted the Indian word for the spring as guacara. Historians have confused its name based on early maps.”

Edward Ball purchased the property in 1934 and developed it as an attraction focusing on wildlife preservation and the surrounding habitat. The State of Florida bought half of the existing park property in 1986. The other half was added in 2000 to protect the quality of the groundwater which feeds the spring and the large Cherokee Sink.

Local residents and visitors from all over the world enjoy this first magnitude spring for its beautiful diverse wildlife, deep water spring and swimming area, river boat tour and the Wakulla Springs Lodge. Contact the Wakulla Springs Lodge for lodging, catering and events.


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