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Friends of Wakulla Springs State Park is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Wakulla Springs Drive, Wakulla Springs, FL 32327

For the Springs Virtual Speaker & Performance Series "Wakulla Caves - Hidden Gems"

  • Thursday, November 12, 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Virtual


PLEASE NOTE:  Due to overwhelming response, we have reached the capacity of our registration limit.  If you would like to receive a link to the recorded version of the program, please email us at Friends@WakullaSprings.org 

Speak For the Springs:   Casey McKinlay presents "Wakulla Caves - Hidden Gems"

One of many hidden gems alongside the crown jewel of the Wakulla Springs Cave System lies beneath the Ferrell Tract.  Join WKPP (Woodville Karst Plain Project) Director Casey McKinlay for a below-the-surface overview of this hidden gem, recent discoveries and future plans.  

Acquired in 2019 as part of the Florida Forever Program, the 700+ acre Ferrell Tract is uniquely situated to the northwest of Wakulla Springs State Park and east of the primary Wakulla Cave System passage. A significant volume of freshwater passes beneath the amazing karst features on this property, flows into the Wakulla Cave System and travels downstream to Wakulla Springs and the Gulf of Mexico. For more than 30 years, WKPP cave explorers have explored and mapped the cave passages beneath and adjacent to the Ferrell Tract in pursuit of new discoveries, data and ultimately the physical connection linking it all together.

About Casey McKinlay - As an avid and passionate underwater explorer for more than 30 years, Casey has been part of numerous expeditions to explore and document some of the planets most remote and challenging landscapes including flooded cave systems and historic shipwrecks. Casey currently serves as Project Director for the Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) and has been involved in planning and executing some of the most logistically complicated underwater cave expeditions in the world including the ongoing exploration and mapping of the largest underwater cave system in the United States: The Wakulla Cave System.

β€œThe opportunity to explore, map and support critical research within the Wakulla Springs Basin in partnership with resource managers, scientists and equally dedicated citizen volunteers, including the Friends of Wakulla Springs, has been and continues to be the adventure of a lifetime.”

We invite you to join us for this informative and awe-inspiring virtual program.

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