Friends Meeting and Ferrell Property

17 photo(s) Updated on: Monday, February 24, 2020
  • Casey McKinlay of W.K.P.P. (Woodville Karst Plain Project) giving presentation of Cave dives in and around Wakulla Springs
  • Chris Werner Photo/Videographer and Casey McKinlay of W.K.P.P
  • Underwater Sonar Mapping Device
  • General Meeting Introduction – Don Lahham, President, Friends of Wakulla Springs (FOWS)
  • Park Manager Amy Conyers with Don Lanham talking about the "Lifetime Award" for past park manager Sandra Cook
  • Long time Spring Advocate Madeline Carr receiving award from Past President Barbra Wilson
  • Cal Jamison receiving award for support and activism with Wakulla Springs - a key player in Ferrell Property aquisition
  • Friends toured the property after the general meeting of the Wakulla Ferrell Property – 71 Sinkholes in 717 acres,
  • Ferrell Property – Cypress
  • Ferrell Property – Barn and Windmill
  • Ferrell Property – Blue Sink, John Ferrell's Favorite, a Wagon was found in this sink from the 1800's that is now in a museum
  • Ferrell Property – Blue Sink
  • Ferrell Property – Meeting House Sink, covered in duckweed, beneficial in keeping the water clear underneath.
  • Ferrell Property – Cal Jamison describing past diving expeditions in Meeting House Sink
  • Ferrell Property – Forest Legacy Sign on property indicating the partnership with them on the purchase of the land
  • Ferrell Property – Ferrell Sink, one of the earliest sinks explored by divers, and featured on the Florida Forever Calendar

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