Members & Volunteers Always Needed!

How To Volunteer & Participate

Every member is a vital part of our ongoing outreach. We encourage you to talk to your neighborhoods and friends, particularly those north of the county line. With your help we can help preserve this great natural treasure, join in and become a member!

The daily, monthly or occasional volunteer involvement at the park will nourish your spirits. You will love the experience that the park gives you in a close, personal setting. You will also discover many friendly faces and others that share your compassion for Wakulla Springs.

To volunteer with the Friends of Wakulla Springs State Park, please contact us and let us know that you would like to get involved. 

The following types of activities are available, perhaps you will find something that appeals to you.

Thank You for considering getting involved and making a difference!

Environmental Awareness
– We collect, research and gather factual information regarding the natural resources at Wakulla Springs State Park. We also prepare and plan hands-on programs that will evoke in the audience an emotional and intellectual response to these resources. We also prepare quarterly articles about the environmental issues at the park for use in newsletters and by members of other Friends committees, and to train Friends volunteers to give tours at the park.

Resource Management
– Specific projects that involve the management of the park’s natural resources are discussed with the park manager. Then we provide leadership in coordinating two or three annual work projects. These might include assisting in sinkhole cleanups, removal of invasive plants, training for prescribed burning, native plants re-vegetation.

Communications – We constantly are working on a Friends image that will expand the existing membership through a variety of media outlets. A newsletter editor and social media guru is most appreciated!

Interpretive Tours
– Do you ever just walk around and stare at some huge moth? Or a huge tree and a lovely small flowering plant that adds to the charm of Wakulla Springs? We envision a group of volunteer tour guides who can share this wonder and who want to conduct 20-minute to 1-hour tours of Wakulla Springs State Park. The list of interpretive themes is almost as limitless as is a list of potential people who might want to take those tours.

Maintenance – There are those among us who love to tinker with engines, in fact with machinery of all kind. The park needs someone to organize a mechanical and construction team of volunteers that provides maintenance to the buildings, boats, grounds, and assists in the quarterly road cleanup.

Money MattersWe set financial goals that fit the needs of the park that do not benefit from state funding.

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