2021-2022 Board of Directors

Executive Board
Julie Harrington, President

Dara M. Wilson, Vice-President

Barbara Whiddon, Treasurer

Renee Murray, Secretary

Dale Allen

Jim Cook

William Ryan Coultry

Sue Damon

Lara Edwards
Cal Jamison

Richard Junnier

Don Lanham

Emeritus Advisory Board

The Emeritus Advisory Committee supports the current Board of Directors by providing expertise and advice. The committee is comprised of non-voting members in good standing with longstanding ties to the organization, valuable ideas, insights, skills or knowledge, and serve to preserve and pass down the institutional memory that they possess.

  Jack Leppert
  Madeleine Carr
  Sandy Cook
  George Apthorp
  Audrine Finnerty

Envisioning the Future

Edward Ball had a vision to preserve and study wildlife at Wakulla Springs. To this day this magnificent spring has continued to be an inspiration to generations of families in and around the North Florida Region. We owe it to our children and their children to continue to maintain and preserve this wonderful natural treasure.

We are committed in our efforts to continue Mr. Ball’s vision now and into the future.

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