Friends of Wakulla Springs State Park is a non-profit citizens support organization started in 1995. The organization dedicates itself to supporting the stewardship of natural and cultural resources through various means. We welcome new members at any time. Each year the Friends of Wakulla Springs State Park also seeks out those businesses and organizations, both for profit and non-profit, that would like to join us as Business Partners.

Business partners are willing to offer their support through either cash donations or “In-Kind” services such as advertising, printing, price discounts on purchases and more.

Wakulla Springs State Park

 A trip to Wakulla Springs makes for the kind of idyllic summer day that southern novelists have long teased us about - those languid days of swinging from ropes into clear, clean water. 

Andrew Skerritt

What is this Park?

The main spring is the world’s largest and deepest freshwater spring, located near Tallahassee, Florida with Swimming, Guided River Boat Tours, Bird Watching, Historic Lodge, Picnicking, Concessions, Nature Trails, Snorkeling, Interpretive Exhibits, Horse Trails and more. Open 365 days per year. There are more than 80 other sinkholes, streams and windows into the aquifer within the 6,800-acre park (hence Wakulla Springs).

This vast natural freshwater spring has a long and fascinating history. The first documented native people inhabited the area during the Paleo period, 20,000 years ago. They hunted large land animals (megafauna) such as mastodons, mammoths, bison, saber tooth tigers, giant armadillos, sloths and a variety of birds. As the ice age waned around 8,000 years ago and the water levels rose, humans moved to these inland springs. There has a been a continuous human presence (and probably alligator gars and alligators) ever since then.

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