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The Friends are an active and dedicated group of volunteers. Everyone contributes differently; some offer financial support, others spend many hours volunteering, and for many, it is a little of both. Volunteers really are our greatest asset and the backbone of our organization. Volunteers help with events/fundraising, administrative tasks, park operations and education, and they help spread the word about the mission of our organization. Please consider giving of your time and talents – you may get back way more than you give!
Special talent or skill to offer? Please tell us!

The daily, monthly or occasional volunteer involvement with the Friends or in the Park will nourish your spirits. You will love the experience you get in a close, personal setting working with fellow Friends or Park Rangers. You will meet many friendly faces and others who share your compassion for Wakulla Springs.

For more information and/or to sign-up as a volunteer, please contact Volunteer Coordinator: Jackie Turner, Park Services Specialist at 850-561-7281 or email her: contact us

Volunteer Opportunities

Listed below are current volunteer opportunities available, perhaps you can help.

Thank You for getting involved and making a difference!

Short Term Commitment: 2-4 days per year:
Friends Special Events
Assist with setup, staffing and takedown of special events in and out of the park

Short Term Commitment: 2-4 days per year:
Friends Quarterly Road Clean Ups
Help with Friends road cleanups, part of Keep Wakulla Co Beautiful Adopt-A-Road.

Long Term Commitment: monthly-quarterly:
Membership Committee (monthly)
Assist Friends Membership Coordinator, help with database, outreach and social media.

Long Term Commitment: monthly-quarterly:
Events Committee (monthly)  
Assist with scheduling, planning and implementation of Friends special events.

Long Term Commitment: monthly - quarterly:
Communications & Marketing (monthly/quarterly)
Design email templates, digital flyers, marketing/event promotion, write Friends article for park quarterly newsletter, The Spring Board.

Short Term Commitment: 5 days per year:
LIFE Facilitator
Assist with student scientist field investigations in the Park.

Long Term Commitment:  weekly-monthly-quarterly:
River Boat Guide (weekly)
Serve one day a week as Wakulla Spring/River interpreter.

Long Term Commitment:  weekly-monthly-quarterly:
Recycling Assistant (monthly)
Assist with collecting materials/public education.

Long Term Commitment:  weekly-monthly-quarterly:
Landscaping Assistant (weekly, monthly or quarterly)
Assist with caring for gardens, azaleas, Lodge landscape.


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