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The World's largest and deepest freshwater spring, located near Tallahassee, Florida with Swimming, Glass-Bottom Boats, Guided River Tours, Bird Watching, Historic Lodge with Dining, 27 guest rooms, 3 conference rooms, and Gift Shop, Picnicking, Concessions, Nature Trails, Snorkeling, Interpretive Exhibits, Horse Trails and more. Open 365 days per year.

Contact us for information on lodging, restaurant, catering, and events.

Friends of Wakulla Springs State Park

 is a non-profit citizens support organization started in 1996. The organization dedicates itself to supporting the stewardshipSprings Rally of natural and cultural resources through various means.

Each year the Friends of Wakulla Springs State Park seeks out those businesses and organizations, both for profit and non-profit, that would like to join them as Business Partners.

Business Partners are those organizations that fully understand and strongly support Wakulla Springs State Park and are willing to offer their support through either cash donations or “In-Kind” services such as advertising, printing, price discounts for Friends purchases, etc.

Click on the Business Partners link on the upper left to view our wonderful partners. Please patronize these businesses and thank them for supporting the Friends.

Volunteers Needed

Every member is a vital part of our ongoing outreach. We encourage you to take the new opportunities for public outreach to talk to your neighborhoods, particularly to those north of the county line.
Come join in!

Endowment Fund Established

– A contribution to the Friends of Wakulla Springs State Park Endowment fund is a gift that keeps on giving. Contact the Community Foundation of North Florida (850) 222-2899 - to be part of caring for Wakulla Springs State Park forever.

How should the state react to reports that Florida springs are stressed and drying up?

Read the results of the LobbyTools poll.

Refurbish Historic Tour Boats

– The Friends of Wakulla Springs need your help to raise enough money to refurbish boats that were built by Edward Ball in the 1960's. Each boat has to be hauled away for the work that ultimately refreshes the paint, the interior, and the mechanism that propels the popular guided tour boats through the watery wilderness. Funds will be raised throughout the coming years. Each boat restoration can cost as much as $35,000. 100% of your contributions are used to protect and enhance Wakulla Springs State Park.

All contributions are greatly appreciated!

Where's the Water Come From?

– On Aug. 16, 2011, Dr. Todd Kincaid gave a presentation to the Board Of County Commissioners in support of the Hydrogeology Consortium and Wakulla Watershed Coalition's "Water Transport" resolution.
"Where's the Water Come From? Toward a Water Budget for Wakulla Spring"

Protecting a Florida Treasure

– The Sunshine State is filled with hundreds of fresh water springs. A family trip to Wakulla Springs reminds commentator Andrew Skerritt of the beauty of this natural resource and the need to conserve it for future generations. Read or listen to the complete article.

The Wonders of Wakulla Springs

– Take an exciting look at one of the world's largest springs, Wakulla Springs. This video shows you the state park.

Mastodon bones near spring entrance

Glass-Bottom Boats

 were again running over the spring basin in the spring! The water was unbelievably clear. The clearest it had been in many years. The ancient remains of great furry Elephants (Mastodons) could be seen resting on the basin’s steep sandy slopes. Maybe the boat captain could coax Henry-the-Pole-Vaulting-Fish to come out of retirement. When possible, the 30 minute Glass-Bottom Boat Tour departs at 12:00pm, 1:00pm, and 2:00pm; weather and water clarity permitting. To avoid disappointment, it is strongly suggested that the park be contacted prior to expected visitation to ascertain the feasibility of glass-bottom boat operation. Water quality conditions can change rapidly and unexpectedly.

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Mastodon bones near spring entrance  Florida Gar in spring bowl  Spring entrance  Visitors enjoying glass bottom boat ride

Our Mission

To conserve, protect, restore and enhance the natural, historical, cultural and recreational resources of Wakulla Springs State Park for present and future generations.


Contact Us

Friends of Wakulla Springs
465 Wakulla Park Drive
Wakulla Springs, FL 32327

Phone: (850)561–7276

Park Manager: Pete Scalco

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